Audio Visual & IT

Jaymo Technologies are committed to ensuring that people’s lives are enhanced by the integration of technology. We are large enough to be relied on, small enough to be flexible and ambitious enough to continually break down barriers in the search for prudent growth and sustainability.

Jaymo Technologies provide a first class personal service, with expertise in luxury marine, commercial and high end residential projects. Our promise is to deliver personalised beautifully designed, easy to use, reliable systems. From a touch of a button or the tap of a smartphone, our systems are developed through imagination, designed through innovation and integrated into some of the most remarkable audio visual environments worldwide.

IT Infrastructure

As a system integrator, Jaymo Technologies build secure and reliable systems highest quality and fully functioning network, to meet the diverse needs of the environment.

From IPTV and broadcast services to subscription and streaming services, networks today need to carry more than internet access and secure Wi-Fi services. Jaymo Technologies engineers are qualified and highly skilled to deliver outstanding service face to face and in a remote connection capacity. Ongoing support for IT services include email hosting, accounts administration, system back-ups and secure storage. Supply of software, PCs and peripheral equipment is provided through our trade partners.




Satellite Communications



As a solutions provider and systems integrator Jaymo Technologies believe there are no limits to smart systems and automation which we can design, supply and install throughout our client portfolio worldwide. Using our fully qualified and skilled engineers, we provide a comprehensive solution, from the initial consultation, system design, integration, programming through to maintenance and support. There are no limits but imagination itself.

Specialist Sectors


Superyachts have long been the pinnacle of style and elegance and are always at the leading edge of technology. Although the core systems are similar to those found in a high-end residential installation, the level of detailed planning and engineering has to be on a different level to ensure reliable operation, whatever the conditions. Using the latest, innovative hardware we will create a beautifully bespoke and reliable control system which can operate any automated feature within your yacht. Take control from either a wall mounted touchscreen, push button keypad or an app on your smart phone or tablet.


We believe that technology should be both functional and beautiful. The smartest technology in the world is nothing unless it is intuitive, simple and above all, reliable. You can trust us to deliver a perfectly integrated control system that will unite your whole home, from audio visual to lighting, blinds and HVAC all in a completely tailored format.


By focusing on carefully integrated state of the art audio visual technology private communication is secured worldwide. We can help you transform existing under-used meeting rooms into unique spaces that encourage productive working and provide advanced technology to impress your clients and customers. Our solutions are designed to be functional, helping to maximise adoption and usage across the business and ensuring that you see a positive return on your investment.

Our Trade Partners